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You Can’t Stop The House Music

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Gabriel Szatan -how programmer/host, and BR’s deputy editor
May 19th 2015

Our trip to Chicago at the end of March was an historical occasion for us. First and foremost, it was a chance to commemorate one of the founding fathers of house music, working closely with Frankie Knuckles’s friends and estate to create a pair of events that would do justice to the memory and living legacy of one of the most important musicians of the modern world.

But when we got out there, we realised it was about so much more as well. Our Deputy EditorGabriel Szatan was part of the team that was on the ground for the events, and as he spoke to DJs, producers and promoters from across the generations, he realised that he was coming face-to-face with an untold, unfinished history. Of course we’re aware that house music began in Chicago, and that as it took over the world, many of its pioneers were left by the wayside: but how that affected the city and its culture is another story altogether.

What follows is a deep tale of some of the very best club music ever made – but also about how that music is interwoven with generational, social and racial politics, with frustration and hope, and with the very specific reality of some amazing individuals’ lives. With a cast of big and bold characters who deserve to be heard worldwide, and implications for the entire multi-million global dance music industry, it is, in fact, one of the most important cultural stories you could read this year. -– Joe Muggs, Editor-in-Chief

Read full piece: http://boilerroom.tv/you-cant-stop-the-house/

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