VW Van sink hack

POSTED BY   thenelson
October 22, 2017
VW Vangon Westfalia

VW Van sink hack.

After the stock motor went on my interior sink, I decided to not spend the big bucks to find an OEM part (which was a special order piece) and do some hacking. We love to camp in this van and when were cooking, it’s super slick to be able to wash dishes in the stock sink. However when you’re feeding 4+ people, you get a lot of dishes so that is where this idea came to play.

I unhooked the stock wiring, installed a 100 psi in-line pump to a rocker switch, run the pump to 20 or so feet of 1/2 tubing and attached a standard sink sprayer to the end. The sink was put together with parts laying around from another build. We took this out the weekend after and the dish chore at the campsite went from a “not it” to Ok, I got this… Also cleaned up 12 rainbow trout we caught during that weekend with ease.



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