Here are a few sneak peeks of a Beer Coaster Pop-up Table I’m working on. It started as I was sanding table we had that the kids had colored on with markers. I sanded the table top for what seamed like 30 mins and the marker stains were not coming out as the wood has soaked up the color. I looked for a way to cover up the marks and my first thought was to paint it but after a little brainstorming I came up with the idea of covering the entire top with beer coaster that I had been collecting over the years.


After the top was finished, I flipped the table over to tighten the frame and snapped one of the beams holding up the right side. No problem, just rebuild it. So I did and after taking it all apart, I noticed that everything was warped and stripped so I scrapped the entire project however I was left with this beautiful table top. One thought lead to another, we needed a larger living room table, I wanted versatility and here is a work in progress of the result.


3/10 – I’ve painted the interior of the table white, added 1″ caster wheels to the bottom with skirt modeling so it looks like it’s floating 3/4″ above the ground and added trim around all the edges. I’ll post pics of the completed piece when done.



Table top has +/- 60 beer coasters adhered with over 10 coast of clear lacquer


1 side of the table pops up similar to a TV tray to be used for drinks, food,, computer use, ect. at about mid chest level when sitting down



One side open via hinges so the table can act as storage


Rear view of table popped up. The entire interior including legs have been painted white.






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