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The client came to me desiring a new look for their website. Something that was more in-line with the trajectory of the company and less of stock based e-commerce solution. I met with them multiple times to help me understand what makes them tick, uncover the dreams and aspirations of the company and to get a sense of what was at the core of their mission. I had the great opportunity to share all this with the founder and owner of the firm and gained a lot of insight from our meetings. Based on findings, the company connected with the idea of launching a 2.0 vision. One that placed them in a different category than before – one of more modern, sophistication and intellect. The design skins for the site came as a result of these conversations. From a user experience mindset, I added a search bar, with a series of dropdown topics, on the homepage for ease of interaction while offering a simple and approachable CTA to get the user curious about the company offerings. And the rest of the look was stripped back to a clean minimalistic layout.


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Marketing on-sheets
Front-end web files