Tradeshow campaign and design


Conception to completion on all creative campaign pieces
Collaboration with internal department on copywriting
Lead Art Director for print/digital and booth experience
Creative collaborator with Exhibits NW on the custom booth design






The entire campaign started with developing the print advertisement that would be received by every attendee (20,000+). I drew inspiration for this piece from the VW “Think Small” ad among other from it’s time. This came after a competitive analysis was done which resulted in extreme use of stock imagery coupled with “noise” in 90% of the companies slotted to show at this event. Once the ad was complete, the remaining campaign was built on the backbone of the minimalist ad.

The tradeshow booth design came from hours of brainstorming with the internal marketing team along with outside assistance and creative consultation from our vendor. The ideation behind the concept was to engage with visitors in a number of ways and discourage passive interactions. The use of a social media printer and 3 interactive stations for stimulating ideas, thoughts and ultimately curiosity of the brand allowed users to not just learn about the company offerings, but to experience it. With an intended result of leaving a mental impression of the brand on each person whom enter the space along with a tangible photograph for a recorded memory.


The following pieces were produced leading up to and for the event:

  • Print, digital and social advertisements
  • Printed marketing materials distributed to all 10,000 attendees
  • Promotional material development – custom branded sunglasses with bottle openers on the end of both arms
  • A custom build and designed 20′ x 20′ booth with 40′ high corkscrew sign cascading from the ceiling
  • On-site tradeshow experience:
    • Included in the booth experience was the integration of a service called “Photoboxx” (social media hashtag printer) in which booth visitors would take a photo and upload using our hashtag. They then received that photo printed directly from a web enabled printer integrated in to the booth.
    • Each “photo opp” stand (4) had a sign hanging 7′ from the floor and underneath was a collection of 5 printed cards that had proposed responses to the above question. Visitors were encouraged to take a sign they felt fit there intention and pose underneath one of the 4 stands then take a photo and retrieve it from the printer. Then attach it to the back of the tower which had a magnet board built onto the upright. All 4 boards were full by the end of day 2 of the event.
    • Curated presentations were built out using “Prezi” and shown in loops on both of the 36″ tv’s displayed in the booth.