“Becoming extraordinary” was the theme for the 2011 TEDx event in Portland OR. The project kicked off with bi-weekly meetings consisting of 25 members of students, teachers and support staff where I sat in and learned the background of the project. Once I grasped the who, why, what and where of the event, I started drafting concepts and presenting them to the team for commentary. After a solid direction was establish, further refinement was delivered to the team based on feedback and design direction.




With 25 people on the steering committee, it became challenging for consensus to occur during the final stage of design and the team ultimately was split 50/50 on the final round of comps. After long deliberation, the committee chair and I decided to propose a plan B to ensure the team hit their deadline. The final decision was to re-purpose an image that one of the speakers presented early on in the process and format that as a final deliverable.


Over 25 comps spread out over 3 rounds of revisions based on feedback from the committee. I wanted to deliver a wide-range of ideas served as jumping off points to the team. Some were requests of the committee members and some where based on conversations observed with others.

What is shown here is loose concepts used in the development process of the mark. We reached 3 rounds of comps during duration of the project and no final comps were developed. In hindsight, I would of limited the number of comps presented to increase focus on 1-3 ideas.



Project was repeated in 2012 with the theme of Velocity with a similar setup as the year before. (see the above final and comps)