Producing a collection of monthly webcasts that stimulated and excited viewers along with focusing on a shift to more of a keynote presentation and less of a bullet/copy heavy slide presentation.





I am a firm believer in that a slide deck should be a tool that presenters use to help illustrate their points, not as a crutch to read off of line by line. A resource to help aid in the delivery of the message by way of compelling thought provoking imagery that keeps the audience’s attention and connects with the senses. The presentations I develop push the presenter to bring in a strong story telling approach and skip reading the slide. We, the presenter and I, create a strong working relationship throughout the process of production which helps me understand their style, approach and level of comfortability when presenting. This all plays into the direction and selection of pieces that are included in the final output.


Power-Point Presentation
*note. These slides are out of order as they are a small collection of many different decks.