School fundraiser


Logo Design
Poster Design
Set design/staging


A fundraiser was put on by my wife Rashell for our daughters school to help raise funds for the art/library program. The theme of the event was “giving back to our future.” I volunteered to help out with marketing, design and other creative needs.


Borrowing from the back to the future theme, I created a spin off logo mark that was used in all marketing efforts, print and digital. We then found someone who owned a DeLorean that we could borrow for the event. With that, we created a secondary revenue experience at the night of the fundraiser and auctioned off tickets to have their photo taken with “Doc” and the DeLorean.


With the DeLorean parked outside of the event, I staged the car and scene along with our stand in “Doc” and photographed over 100 people. After the last shot, I batched processed the logo mark onto all the photos and had them printed/delivered back to the event to distribute to all participants. The total revenue generated exceed $500 and went to the school district.

In addition, I donated 3 of my digital illustrations to be sold at the silent auction.