Environmental Design


A 8 person team of designers, project managers, engineers and developers was built to address this project. We subdivided out the duties into categories and began development. We met weekly as a team to bring our ideas to the table for further refinement. Once the team collected the pieces for each of their respected areas of discipline, we started assembling the bones of the project. Our end deliverable was a well fleshed out strategy to achieve the objectives. This plan was built out into a visual to represent our ideas and presented to the stakeholders along with a board for approval.





A visual and tangible (1:24 scale prototype) strategy was created and presented to the project stakeholders.


20 slide presentation focusing on proposed planning with accompanied hand colored site plans, full size renderings and additional images from prototype of space

Prototype built to 1:24 scale with proposed location of environmental design elements

Large format mounted presentation boards (20)

18 page bound presentation books

Digital art files of colored renderings, site plans, mood boards.


Design and development of presentation boards, books and slide deck.

Managing team on rendering development, site plan design.

Hands on development of prototype

Mood board creation

Environmental design direction

Project logo design