Conference Experience


Art Direction
Print/Design Management
Creation from concept to completion






A visual identify system was developed that would play nicely with the event space while, at the core, stayed true to the fierce brand. The final look took a modern/sophisticated approach that used the logo in a repeated deconstructed manner by playing the elements and shapes of the mark in different ways. And the color palette allowed the visuals to fit nicely within the space and offered the feeling of belonging and welcoming to the visual experience.


A visually branded experience for a collection of over 100 people spanning a period of 3 days was concepted, constructed and implemented. Each touchpoint was carefully thought out and helped lead the participants down a path that reinforced the overall messaging of the event.


  • Large format wall graphics ranging from 6′ to 12′
  • Attendee and employee badges
  • Free standing chalk board walls used on breaks as interactive touch points
  • Way-finding signage
  • Digital LCD signage throughout the event space
  • Keynote/speaker presentations
  • Front end visuals for website, social and digital marketing
  • Day of print materials
  • Brand guidelines