Andrei Duman Photography


Design of brand from conception to completion.






The client had one simple request. Integrate his signature into final mark. My approach started with that in mind. And with that came studies on working with the wisp of the A’s from the signature. I wanted to give the mark an indisputable representation of a photographer and started sketching my camera lens, visualizing apertures and other various pieces of equipment. After 2 rounds of comps, we landed on the final direction. A series of 3 lenses, playing with the rule of thirds in photography along with the clients name in place of the markings of DSLR camera brands/specs within in the lens itself. This was all tied together by hinting at the wisps from the signature using curled lines reminiscent of the stoke from the letter A.


Print and web ready logo
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Business cards



In 2014, the client contacted me to discuss updating the existing logo. Due to his success, being picked up by National Geographic and the likes, it was time to drop the signature and make a bold statement with his name. The result is shown above.