Custom Beer Tap Design

Custom Beer Tap Design


Client name removed from all pieces

Photo credit: Mike Wilson @ Nowhereman Photos

Objective: To enhance the delivery of an RFP with a creative leave behind.

Result: 2 fully functional custom beer tap handles were developed, each with a laser etched message and branding, and delivered in a custom built box. A drop out underneath the tap handles holds the RFP document.

Challenges: Produce final presentation within a strict 4 day deadline without any materials in-hand.

Within the timeline I had to:

  • Custom design a box (including die lines and artwork) that would fit the tap handles and 2 100 page spiral bound books
  • Select and coordinate ordering tap handles with vendor
  • Design and layout custom engraving with local vendor
  • Assemble boxes (adhering artwork, hand cutting slot for Tap Handle to sit) and ship