Max Headroom Halloween 2014
Materials: A box and a idea (also a little nostalgia for the 80’s)





halloween 2014 (1)

This year (2014) our design department came up with a YouTube themed Halloween costume and I’ve always wanted to do a Max Headroom costume so…

The materials were a cardboard box in which I used about 3 cans of black spray paint inside and out. Then I took a screen shot of the YouTube page and printed/mounted it on foam-core and spray mounted it to the outside of the box after measuring and cutting a hole in the box and the foam-core. I also designed and printed backdrop which was spray mounted inside the box and attached a light inside because people were telling me they couldn’t see me inside the box. What you can’t see from the pics above is I printed and mounted the same screenshot (without an image of Max) on the backside so when people came up from behind me I didn’t look like I just had a big black box on my head.

Every year I wait until at least 2 days before the 31st to start crafting and this year was no different. A mad rush but I got it done just in time. The glue was still a bit wet and inside had a nice spray paint smell going on. But it held up structurally.

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