Kelley brothers a major force behind growth of design thinking

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July 22, 2017

I am a big fan of IDEO so I thought I’d share this.

Tom Kelley, of IDEO, is pleased to see design central to the creative process

Tom Kelley finds IDEO’s move to social innovation “so rewarding”. The firm has already built 23 schools based on design thinking as it changes education in Peru.

The past decade or so has seen the inexorable rise of design thinking as a guiding tenet in the business landscape, with the processes used by designers increasingly applied to larger challenges that ostensibly seem far removed from the demands of crafting new products.

The increasing ubiquity of design thinking is a testimony to the influence of one particular company that has pioneered the concept and implemented it across business, non-profit and policy circles – the renowned Silicon Valley-based design studio IDEO, which has arguably done more to codify the practice of innovation than almost any other firm.

“We created that term, design thinking, and it’s now owned by the world,” says IDEO general manager Tom Kelley. “It’s amazing that in about a decade, it went from this thing that was only said behind closed doors in this boutique design kind of way, and now it’s everywhere.”

Few can offer the sort insight into the spread of DT as the extremely affable Kelley, anOhio native who has overseen the growth of IDEO from a relatively small team of a few dozen designers to its current stable of 650 staff based in studios around the world. The hugely influential design firm was founded in 1991 when Tom’s brother David, a giant in the design world, merged studios with celebrated British designers Bill Moggridge and Mike Nuttall. It was an earlier incarnation of IDEO that designed the first Apple mouse, and the extensive list of clients for whom they have designed products includePalm, Microsoft, Medtronic and Ford.



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