Indoor Hot Pepper Planter Box

POSTED BY   thenelson
April 2, 2015

DIY Hot Pepper Window Box.

Last year, in Portland, I attempted to grow hot pepper and they were beautiful. The only problem was that they didn’t have ANY heat to them at all. I actually gave one to my daughter…


Lesson learned, I did some more research this time and learned that to grow hot peppers here in the Pacific NW (seatttle) I need a constant temp of around 75 degrees to get these bad boys to heat up which is why I’ve decided to take my growing indoors this year where I can control the temp much easier.


At the time of this writing I’ve got 10 different varieties of pepper with about 20 or so seedlings per type. These guys are taking off wonderfully and when they peak, they’ll be finding their way into my homemade hot sauce (if they have the scorching heat I’m going for).

I’ll update the progress as the season goes on…






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