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Sneek peek at custom pop-top Beer coaster table

Here are a few sneak peeks of a Beer Coaster Pop-up Table I’m working on. It started as I was sanding table we had that the kids had colored on with markers. I sanded the table top for what seamed like 30 mins and the marker stains were not coming out as the wood has […]

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Hand curated music picks of April 2015

Hand curated music picks of April 2015 Year Anniversary of the passing of The Godfather of House Music – Frankie Knuckles. This man is a legend. I’ve seen him play a few times in Chicago and man can he lay in down. His mixes flowed like water, his energy electrifying and damn could he make […]

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Indoor Hot Pepper Planter Box

DIY Hot Pepper Window Box. Last year, in Portland, I attempted to grow hot pepper and they were beautiful. The only problem was that they didn’t have ANY heat to them at all. I actually gave one to my daughter…   Lesson learned, I did some more research this time and learned that to grow […]

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