Evolution of my garden

POSTED BY   thenelson
August 19, 2015

I started this garden indoors seed by seed and along the way built containers, shelves, po-man greenhouses for these bad boys to blossom into what they are now. Feels so good eating what you sow…

This particular garden was built to be portable as we moved into a new home about 3 months after I seeded. I learned a lot along the way which will greatly translate into my permanent garden that I am in the process of constructing. Started mainly with 7 different varieties of hot peppers (I growing my own stock to create hot sauce) and has since grown into 8 beds/10 standalone pots of a variety of vegetables and herbs.

This is my first attempt at a garden and I must say, I’m hooked. I’ve also got plans ongoing to build a greenhouse from windows I’ve collected over the past year so I can keep this garden thriving year round.


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