Building a Cajon drum

POSTED BY   thenelson
December 6, 2017
Cajon Drum Build
Cajon drum

I recently added a new member to my drum family, a Cajon drum (Spanish pronunciation: [kaˈxon] (Ka-hon) It thought to have originated in Peru. In the 16th century, African slaves would make these instruments from old packing crates and use them to replace the native drums of Africa. Also in Cuba cajon drums were made from old drawers and other household box type structures and used to accompany Cuban and Latin Styles of music. The word Cajon actually means box, or drawer in Spanish.

The sounds this drum creates are comparable to that of a full-size drum kit with a snare, bass, and tom toms. With the addition of a foot strapped cymbal, I can get pretty close to replicating the sounds of something 10 times its size. The Canjon can be thought of as a drum kit in a box.

The kit can be purchased at Guitar Center or on-line here



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