Building a Cajon drum…

I recently added a new member to my drum family, a A Cajón (Spanish pronunciation: [kaˈxon] (Ka-hon), a drum with origins from Peru which started as crew members banging on empty boxes of tea on there journey home. The sounds this drum creates are comparable to that of a full-size drum kit -snare, bass, and tom toms. With the addition of a foot strapped cymbal, I can get pretty close to replicating the sounds of something 10 times its size.







This was the first attempt at painting the Cajon. I wanted to have hands slapping the face as it would look while your playing it but the second coat of stain covered it all up.


I took an exacto knife and carved out an outline on the face and painted the tree.



Detail of the Cabernet stain


Finished close-up of the face. Make sure you’ve got some time on your hands, this took a hell of a long time…


The kit can be purchased at Guitar Center or on-line here


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