Interactive Android Tablet presentation (work in progress)

  Developed using Adobe InDesign CC and viewed on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and recorded using my smartphone. In this example, I recreated the presentation I developed for the firm I am working for using my portfolio as content until I get clearance from the companies marketing team. This version is slightly dumbed down, […]

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The Wolf of…

Last night I watched the “Wolf of Wall Street” and was captivated by the intensity of Jordan Bellford (the part that Leonardo plays).  Aside from his crazy, off-the-wall lifestyle, I found a bit of inspiration from the real character. A young twenty something kid making some big waves, not taking no for an answer and […]

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What creativity means to me (the long version). Interviewed by Rashell Martin

Interviewed by Rashell Martin   There is a feeling of being connected that fills me when I’m inspired, a feeling of becoming one with the subject matter in some way that is unexplainable to me but I just feel it and let it bring me to where ever it wants me to go. Do you remember […]

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Bye bye Stump-town and hello Seattle

It’s been a wild and crazy past few months but things are finally piecing back together to a manageable level. I started a new gig last week as a designer with an amazing company in the Seattle area. BDA Inc. This gig is the one I’ve been seeking for the past 4 years. Inspiring, innovative, […]

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Presentation created for BDA Inc.

I got a call yesterday from BDA Inc. near Seattle, WA. about a position with their design studio. Ecstatic I was, but they needed to see some presentation examples. Over the years I have done my share of presentations for various firms and start-ups however these presentations typically entailed some type of “secret or sensitive” information […]

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New Website project

Hot off the press, new WordPress site cisforegon.org went live last night.  

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